Gilles Mouëllic

Gilles Mouëllic

  • On 19 November 2018

Gilles Mouëllic

Director of the French section of TECHNÈS / Researcher

Professor of cinema studies, Université Rennes 2

Professor at the Université de Rennes 2, where he is chair of the Département de Musique and the Département des Arts du spectacle, Gilles Mouëllic teaches jazz and the cinema. In addition to numerous articles and lectures on the relations between music and cinema in general (and between jazz and cinema in particular), he is the author of Jazz et cinéma (Cahiers du cinéma, 2000), Le jazz, une esthétique du XXème siècle (Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2000), La Musique de film (Cahiers du cinéma/SCEREN-CNDP, 2003), and of a collection of interviews: Jazz et cinéma: paroles de cinéastes (Séguier/Archimbaud, 2006). He has written several articles on the playwright and author Koffi Kwahulé and published a collection of interviews entitled Frères de sons: Koffi Kwahulé et le jazz (Théâtrales, 2007).

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