Machines. Magie. Medias

Machines. Magie. Medias

  • On 25 October 2019

Frank Kessler, Jean-Marc Larrue and Giusy Pisano (ed.)


Presses universitaires du Septentrion / 2018


A dynamic constellation where practices and knowledge meet, merge and are redefined, magic works in multiple ways, drawing on advances in knowledge in the most diverse fields, from physics to religion, chemistry to linguistics, philosophy to technologies, and communication and media theories to the performing body. With the goal of identifying the main issues at stake in this vast shifting ensemble, we have invited specialists to address it from the perspective of their original practice and discipline by focusing on its quality as entertainment.
From the stage to screen, from television to augmented and virtual realities, from circus acts to aquatic shows, magic has constantly found new forms and changed, perpetuating the aura of mystery and secrecy which still fascinates us but which also represents, it must be said, a serious challenge for any researcher working in the field. This is why we have chosen to include magicians in this vast project, in addition to theorists and historians. This volume is the first fruit of the international research group Les Arts Trompeurs.