Study day: Les formats larges au cinéma et à la télévision

  • On 5 October 2019

The TECHNÈS section at Université Rennes 2 organised a study day on Les formats larges au cinéma et à la télévisionon le 23 September 2016.

During this study day numerous guests discussed the topic, including Jean-Pierre Verscheure (honorary professor at the Institut national supérieur des arts du spectacle in Brussels), who gave a talk on the notion “wide formats” in the film industry. In addition, on the occasion of the graduating ceremony for the Cinémathèque française fellowship researchers, Fabien Le Tinnier (Université Rennes 2 and the Université de Lausanne) presented, with the assistance of Alexia De Mari (Université Paris 3), an initial “technical history of Aäton machines”, based on research he carried out at the Conservatoire des techniques cinématographiques of the Cinémathèque française, headed by Laurent Mannoni.