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Tom Gunning et al., Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2015).

We normally think of early film as being black and white, but in truth, the first color cinematography appeared as early as the first decade of the twentieth century. In this visually stunning book, the authors present a treasure trove of early color film images from the archives of EYE Film Institute Netherlands, bringing to life their rich hues and forgotten splendor. Carefully selecting and reproducing frames from the original film of movies made before World War I, Gunning, Yumibe, Fossati, and Rosen share the images here in a full range of tone and colors. Accompanying essays discuss the history of early film and the technical processes that filmmakers employed to capture these fascinating images, while other contributions explore preservation techniques and describe the visual delights that early film has offered audiences, both then and now. Featuring three hundred color illustrations for readers to examine and enjoy, Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema will engage scholars and buffs alike.

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