The Executive Committee is responsible for the scholarly orientation of the international research project TECHNÈS, for its administrative and budgetary management and for the overall operations of the project.

Members: André Gaudreault(Université de Montréal), Gilles Mouëllic(Université Rennes 2), Laurent Le Forestier(Université de Lausanne).


The Scholarly Committee decides on the support to provide to the publications, conference papers and events submitted to TECHNÈS by its members or by researchers outside the project. It also decides the major scholarly orientations of the Encyclopaedia of Cinema Techniques and Technology.

Members: André Gaudreault (Université de Montréal), Laurent Le Forestier (Université de Lausanne), Gilles Mouëllic (Université Rennes 2), Éric Thouvenel (Université Rennes 2), Christophe Dupin (FIAF), Mireille Berton (Université de Lausanne), Carl Therrien(Université de Montréal) and Santiago Hidalgo (Université de Montréal).


The Knowledge Mobilisation Committee plans annual activities (conferences, study days, lectures, etc.) and develops other dissemination opportunities (special issues of journals, monographs, etc.). It ensures that events chosen by the scholarly committee are integrated into this programming. It also considers the way in which the partnership is presented and the results of this presentation amongst non-university audiences.

Members: Jean-Marc Larrue (Université de Montréal), Jean-Baptiste Massuet (Université Rennes 2), Gilles Mouëllic (Université Rennes 2), Stéphane Tralongo (Université de Lausanne) and Guillaume Lafleur (Cinémathèque québécoise).



The Interviews/Demonstrations Committee oversees the consistency and execution of the various interviews and demonstrations carried out as part of the TECHNÈS project.

Members: René Chénier (National Film Board of Canada), André Habib (Université de Montréal), Priska Morrissey (Université Rennes 2), Éric Thouvenel (Université Rennes 2) and Barbara Turquier (Fémis), currently replaced by Caroline San Martin (Fémis).


The Doctoral Committee plans annual student activities and develops other dissemination opportunities for student members. In this work, it plays a role similar to the Knowledge Mobilization Committee. This committee will also set up the filmed interviews and a student short film competition.

Members: Chloé Hofmann (Université de Lausanne), Thomas Godefroy (Université Rennes 2),  Élisa Carfantan (Université Rennes 2) Farah Mourgues (Université de Montréal),et Robin Cauche (Université de Montréal).


The Digital Humanities Committee is in charge of designing the Encyclopaedia of Cinema Techniques and Technologyand of situating it in the present-day digital environment (connecting with other encyclopaedia in particular).

Members: Mireille Berton (Université de Lausanne), Emmanuel Château (Université de Montréal), Michael Eberlé-Sinatra (Université de Montréal), Vincent Larivière (Érudit), Carl Therrien (Université de Montréal), Marcello Vitali-Rosati (Université de Montréal) et Gregory Wallet (Université Rennes 2).