International Research Partnership on Cinema Technology

The International Research Partnership on Cinema Technology, TECHNÈS, aims to rethink film history and its methods by examining the techniques and technologies that have accompanied the medium since its beginnings. For this ambitious program, TECHNÈS is dedicated to the creation of a space for dialogue between universities, archives, cinematheques, and film schools, as well as between scholars and industry technicians.

TECHNÈS was formed out of the profound transformation undergone in the media ecology, spurred by the transition from film to digital. This change in the way moving images are produced has had serious repercussions on both the industry (and creators) and on the field of film studies. TECHNÈS’s projects on preserving at-risk forms of knowledge, research, and dissemination, therefore utilize an array of innovative tools and methods, like, for example, the creation of an encyclopaedia enriched with digital pathways, the digitization of artefacts and documents, the production of television series, and the organization of international colloquiums.


Prix TECHNÈS des Jeunes Créateurs
Appel à communication – colloque doctoral “Gestes singuliers, gestes collectifs : histoire et cinéma en pratiques”
Entrevue dans Quartier libre avec Louis Pelletier et Robin Cauche : La pellicule comme objet de recherche
Entretien avec la monteuse Sophie Brunet
André Gaudreault, Lauréat du prix Killam en Sciences humaines 2018
Prix TECHNÈS des Jeunes Créateurs
Colloque «Le cinéma dans l’œil du collectionneur»
Panel de l’ACEC : Éditorialisation de l’Encyclopédie TECHNÈS
Table ronde TECHNÈS : Le projet encyclopédique à l’époque numérique

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